Resilience and Wellbeing Program

  • Improve resiliency trough a program with resources to increase well-being and health
  • Re-integrate important aspects of life through focused action in key priorities (individual)
  • Prevent stress, anxiety and emotional exhaustion at work through the right balance.
  • Strenghten the capacity to overcome change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Provide skills, tools and practices to manage adversity and toughness both professionally and personally
  • Increase personal productivity by developing a work environment of trust, collaboration and synergy.
  • Equip team leaders with the knowledge to early detect, identify and manage any risk of mental health for workers.
programa bienestar resiliente

Individual Coaching y Counseling

Resilience, well-being and health are all about DOING and BEING.
That’s the reason we need to install NEW HABITS.
We know it’s not easy to change our life priorities and habits while maintaining the high level of commitment and discipline required to see long lasting changes.

For this reason, coaching and counseling conversations can help remove barriers, understand why a certain result is not being achieved, visualize new alternatives for action, etc.


Team’s Coaching y Counseling

The term “Team” implies the ability to accomplish something together with others.

In that “together with”, egos, personal beliefs, values, own styles and other individualisms marked by great convictions, can play against us. 

When it comes to achieving genuine consensus, unlocking team potential, getting mutual trust, developing synergies and being able to co-create, the individual must resign part of own EGO to reach shared achievement.

For this reason, coaching and team counseling conversations can help to remove barriers, understand why a result is not being achieved as a group, why some people find it more difficult to dialogue and achieve consensus, empathic listening, etc.


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Tailor-made Programs and Workshops for companies or groups

Sometimes we don’t have the time and/or budget available to commit to a long-term program.

In other cases the needs of the organization may be more limited or specific. It could be the case that there is a different strategic or cultural objective. It also happens that there is a need to connect the contents with a broader initiative. 

In these cases it may be convenient to design, adapt, co-create or contextualize certain contents according to a previous diagnostic.

We can help you detecting gaps, planning ctions and facilitating the most appropriate and cost-effective interventions for the particular needs of your organization or group.

Counseling and Career Advice for Senior Managers, Directors and Executives

Confidential and one on one support, advice and counseling for  important career decisions, developmental plans, job changes, international movements or exit agreements.

  • Interviewing process / new job preparation.
  • Contracts, General Conditionsand Legal.
  • Offer Letters and Compensation & Benefits Letters.
  • Family group adjustment.
  • Company changes.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, spin-off. 
  • Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Special Exit Agreements.
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements.   
Career decisions
Programa retiro

Program in "Retreat" format for groups, 3-4 days in pre-agreed off-site sites

 The program in “retreat” format offers several important advantages:

  1.  It produces a certain level  of “shielding” against the interruptions, calls, worries and ‘noises’ of the intervention in the office (on-site). The participant may be focused on the contents of the program and not in other pending issues.
  2.  We always choose an inspiring place outdoor in  nature that is fully aligned with what the program proposes and also allows to put into practice and “live” the contents.
  3. There is a greater focus on the DOING. Corrections, feedback and coaching can be given during the execution. This contributes to the creation of new habits and disciplined practice.
  4. The interaction and contribution of the participants is much stronger and more decisive.

Program for clinically recovered cancer patients (and direct family)

The chance of treating successfully many types of cancer has increased dramatically in recent years.

There is a huge global population of ex-patients who after finishing their treatment manage to recover a “normal life“ again. 
One of the first things that the patient perceives after overcoming the disease, from a clinical point of view, is that it has changed their way of thinking, their attitude and their vision about life.

These changes also affect the direct family. The so-called “survivor” of cancer requires a process of re-adaptation consistent with his new way of looking at the world / life.
Despite the stress and uncertainty during this long process (finding-diagnostic-treatment-recovery), here arises the great opportunity to re-think about well-being, health and resilience from a new existential framework.

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